We are deeply InGRAINed By Nature; and aim to rediscover ancient nutritional insights with our plant-based healthy food choices.

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Buy Organic Products Online

Grainic offers organic herbal powder online for purchase all over the nation. Our customers can also buy organic brown rice cakes and edible seeds online too! Grainic’s have their roots in organic plantation. Food that warms your soul, produced with organic ingredients for people in need of quick but nutritious meals. You feel good when you eat healthy. Right! It's not only about the taste and texture. It's all about the ingredients & It's entirely natural. We want this meal to be available everywhere.

Why Grainic?

We are always on the lookout for healthy snacks and meals in today's time. Organic food is richer in nutrients and contains less toxins and pesticide residues. Grainic's snacks help to enhance energy, reduce appetite and prevent overeating by providing extra nutrients throughout the day. We've come up with a few nutritious food options that are pleasant and flavorful. We make certain that we are meeting our customer’s needs and making them happy.