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Organic Power Drink for Healthy Mind and Body

Organic Power Drink for Healthy Mind and Body

Delicious & Nutritious Organic Power Drinks to Boost Your Inner Self

Delicious, organic, and healthy organic powder drinks are a great way to replenish the electrolytes balance in the body. Drink this refreshing plant-based drink for added hydration, rejuvenation, and energy. 

Organic power drinks are made from herbal powders which are extracted from  natural ingredients that have been used since ancient India. Firstly they were used as medicines, but as time changed it is used as herbal drinks and enhance our skin health. Organic power drinks are made from different herbal powders that comprise-

  • Organic Triphala Powder
  • Organic Amla Powder
  • Organic Moringa leaf Powder
  • Organic Wheatgrass Powder
  • Organic Lakadong Turmeric Powder

Organic powders are high in nutrition, which helps us to stay fit and healthy. The organic powder can be used as a natural cure for various health ailments like dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, anxiety, and more.

1. Organic Triphala Powder

Grainic Organic Triphala Powder

 Triphala also known as the "Wonder Fruit" is a herbal compound used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat gastrointestinal disorders and promote overall health.

Triphala Indian Gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K, essential minerals, antioxidants and phytochemicals that work as a protective function against chronic disease. Regular consumption of Organic Triphala Powder will protect your body against cancer and dental diseases like gum infection and bad breath.

This Organic powder drink should be consumed empty stomach every morning which soothes and calms the intestine walls, improves bowel movements, and soothes constipation. It is also beneficial to cure Piles and Robust brain parts and also prevents Skin infection and skin rashes. You can apply Triphala powder on your cuts & bruises because it helps in healing wounds and swelling. 

 Recommended Dose- 500mg to 1 gram per day. 

2. Organic Amla Powder

Grainic Organic Amla Powder

Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry, is a powerhouse of nutrients. It is a rare balance of sweet, sour, pungent and bitter flavor.

Daily intake of Amla powder with water boosts immunity, and the antioxidants in them reduce the cell damage which reduces the free radicals that can cause disease in the body. The best way to have amla is in powdered form. 

Benefits Of Organic Amla Powder That Will  Make Your Life Better

- Organic Amla Powder  is the purest form of vitamin C and  improves the human body from within by making the veins root and thicker 

 - It reduces the risk of heart disease by regulating the accumulation of bad cholesterol 

- Organic Amla Powder is a commonly known home treatment for the skin. For all skin problems, there is an incredibly convincing DIY Amla pack  

 Amla is rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body. This reduces cell damage as well as the risk of cancer and inflammation. You can also drink amla juice early in the morning on an empty stomach with water (½ amla water with ½ water) or before or after a meal (breakfast or lunch).

Recommended Dose-  4 to 5 grams per day. 

3. Organic Lakadong Turmeric Powder

Grainic Organic Lakadong Turmeric Powder

 This miracle powder is different from normal turmeric. Lakadong Turmeric is handpicked by farmers and is grown in chemical and pesticide-free soil. This turmeric powder is a cure for several illnesses and benefits. 

Traditional and organic farming methods adopted by farmers in Meghalaya have maintained the uniqueness of Lakadong turmeric for decades. Although there are many variations of turmeric, Lakadong Turmeric retains its uniqueness and still dominates the global spice space with its abundant nutritional and medicinal properties. 

Unlike other turmeric variants, Lakadong turmeric is known to be very potent due to its high curcumin content. Before we dive deeper into the health benefits of Lakadong turmeric, here are the top health benefits associated with this spice: 

Known to have anti-inflammatory properties 

  • Great source of antioxidants 
  • Known to regulate blood pressure 
  • Helps regulate cholesterol 
  • Helps strengthen the immune system 

Recommended Dose- 8 to 9 grams per day.

4. Organic Wheatgrass Powder

Grainic Organic Wheatgrass Powder

This organic powder is a superfood that is packed with a powerful combination of nutrients and is useful to your health. Wheatgrass powder has a broad combination of vitamins and nutrients which improves your well-being. It has antioxidants and antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Organic Wheatgrass Powder comprises iron, calcium, enzymes, 17 amino acids, chlorophyll and protein. Having a glass of wheatgrass juice helps in eliminating toxins and impurities from your body. 

Wheatgrass also enhances your digestion and keeps your Gut health healthy. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels as losing weight lowers the cholesterol level which reduces the risk of heart disease. 

Consuming wheatgrass juice early in the morning keeps you refreshed and rejuvenated and provides energy for performing daily tasks. It also helps in overall mental function and relieves anxiety. 

Recommended Dose- 2 to 3 grams twice a day. 

5. Organic Moringa Leaf Powder 

Grainic Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa powder is an ancient, nutrient-rich superfood that contains numerous compounds that have anti-cancer properties. It can be used as an antiseptic to sterilize contaminated surfaces.

Powerful Health Benefits of Moringa Powder 

  •  Moringa powder is full of vitamins and minerals. 
  •  It is a source of plant protein. 
  •  Moringa powdercan help balance hormones 
  •  It can protect the liver. 
  •  It can help fight free radicals. 
  •  It helps balance blood sugar.

It is effective against a wide range of bacteria and fungi, including those that cause gastric ulcers and gastric cancer. Organic Moringa powderg is also used for treating various other diseases, from malaria and typhoid fever to hypertension and diabetes.

Having moringa leaf powder in tea, coffee, smoothies, or just in water protects the kidney, heart, lungs, and liver tissues.

Recommended Dose- 11 teaspoons per day. 


The Organic herbal powder has been used for centuries as a food additive and health promoter. It is packed with nutrients and vitamins which are essential to our daily diet. In a smoothie, tea or coffee this Organic powder can be taken in form of tablets as well as capsules. Therefore drinking herbal elixir will not only save you from consuming chemicals but also make you feel healthy, fit and protect your body from several ailments.

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  • Alka Rana

    Every Indian household has some member who loves drinking Bitter gourd juice, Bottle gourd juice, etc. in order to stay fit and healthy. Well, ask them to check out where they can order some organic powders like- Triphala powder, Lakadong Turmeric powder, Moringa leaf powder, Amla powder, and Wheatgrass powder. These powders are made in an organic manner and can be consumed in which-ever way you would want to take and all of them are so good in taste.

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