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Lakadong Vs Generic Turmeric

Lakadong Vs Generic Turmeric

Turmeric is amongst the most popular spices in Asia. Everyone is well aware of its benefits, but how to make the best out of it, is still less known. Amongst all the varieties Lakadong Turmeric tops the chart. People from the northeast even call it the ‘Miracle Spice’. Amongst 133 types of turmeric Lakadong is unique. This

is exclusively grown in a tiny village of Meghalaya named Lakadong and hence it is named after it. This village is nestled at a height of 610m above the sea level and receives an average annual rainfall of 4000mm. It is also called as the Lakadong country. The soil here is acidic in nature, dark colored and is medium to

lightly textured. No wonder turmeric is amongst the most researched spices across the globe due to its exemplary health benefits. Yet the most premium quality is lesser known. Let’s help you differentiate!

1. The key difference between normal turmeric and Lakadong turmeric relates to the curcumin content. Curcumin is the compound that gives golden hue to your turmeric. The general turmeric contains 2-3% of curcumin whereas Lakadong turmeric contains 7-12% content.

2. The high curcumin content in Lakadong turmeric gives it a rich bright yellow color (brighter than the general one). This turns your curries more yellow and make it appear appealing.

3.  Lakadong turmeric tastes much better than your usual turmeric. It has been tested by food samples. According to the chefs it gives a clear earthy and a little nutty taste to the dish.

4.  Aroma drives through the air as you add a tint of Lakadong turmeric to your dish. In various preparations such as herbed and spicy potatoes, turmeric is the last one to be added. If Lakadong is used it adds to the savour. No wonder Lakadong turmeric is the best. But here is why. Lakadong is cultivated in traditional and organic ways, untouched by the preservatives and chemicals. Farmers are well aware that to maintain its quality the cultivation methods must not be altered. All the attempts made to grow this type somewhere else, it has failed miserably and could not yield the same quality. Lakadong village is geographically blessed and has no competition.

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