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How Does Amla Really Improve Immunity?

How Does Amla Really Improve Immunity?

Indian gooseberry aka Amalika better known as amla is a common fruit found in indian kitchens. Amla is a subtropical plant and prefers dry climate.The plant can even bear salinity and alkalinity. It is easy to grow and does not require irrigation in monsoon as well as the winter season.

Amla holds significance since ancient times. Its benefits range from healthy blood sugar levels to improved hair growth.

But how does amla really improve our immunity? Well it won't be inappropriate to quote that amla contains much more antioxidants per gram than any other plant. This helps maintain as well as improve smooth functioning of our immune system.

Immune system is a network of cells, tissues, organs and various other substances that helps our body fight various uninvited outsiders. This is usually carried out by white blood cells that attack and protect us from antigens.

Following are some reasons as to how amla aids our immunity.

  1. Rich in anti-oxidents - amla contains maximun antioxident value than any other plant found naturally. Due to which adding a small amount to the diet can do miracles. To fight foreign enemies free radicals are produced by white blood cells. Now these free radicals cause oxidative stress to the cells. Antioxidants help in scavenging these free radicals leading to smooth functioning of the immune system.
  2. Increase the white blood cell count- Amla has high density of Vit C making it one of the most citrus fruit amongst its family. If there is one thing that covid has taught us it is that citrus fruits are vital to boost immunity. This is because vit c plays a crucial part in increasing white blood cells.
  3. Antibacterial - As if all this was not enough amla is antibacterial too. This adds to support your immune system and also fights directly with bacterial infections.
  4. Chromium content- amla also adds up to our chromium content. While fighting with foreign invaders chromium sends signals to your white blood cells and other defence mechanisms to strengthen it further. It also lowers your bad cholesterol level that maintains the overall health of your immune system.
  5. Absorbs calcium- amla also helps absorb calcium content in our body which is important for our immune system. Just like chromium calcium also sends signals to immune cells and helps them know when to respond.

Amla is a must add to your diet. We highly recommend Grainic’s amla powder that is nutrient rich, completely organic, preservative free and is 100% amla. No nasty ingredients added to it.

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