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Gluten Free Snacks-Grainic Organic Rice Cake

Gluten Free Snacks For Gluten Intolerant Populace

Abstract: Wouldn’t it be great to have something light as air yet wholesome and packed for snacks? No one on this planet doesn't love munching during free hours, so it is better to keep it clean and gluten-free! Though there are so many alternatives to go ahead, nothing can surpass the quality and healthiness of rice cakes that are originally manufactured.


Rice cakes are a conventional meal in Asian continents. The regular ingredients comprise sugar and salt, and its raw material is puffed rice. It can be ready as both sweet and savory and has a round formation. It is light and crunchy and can be devoured as a snack or an appetizer, alone or coalesced with other elements like peanut butter.

Gluten is a protein that is present in grains like wheat, barley, and rye and is occasionally occurring in oats. Several people are bigoted to gluten and this can result in harm to the intestines which further ushers to severe problems in the processing of the nutrients from different eats. This impediment is learned as a Celiac malady. You must lookout for a store or a label that sells gluten free snack options like organic rice cakes which are produced with rudimentary and traditional components which are rice and a slight salt. Regardless, assessment of the ingredient tags for gluten ingredients is a must because supermarkets position gluten-free rice cakes amongst some wheat-based renditions that aren’t true to the information.

Not only does the rice cake keep you light on your stomach, but it also keeps you jam-packed for longer hours, thereby avoiding unhealthy snacks like a pack of chips. If you are gluten intolerant, gluten free rice cakes are the safest and the best possible gluten free snacking choices for you to keep up with the palatable quotient. There are so many ways to add nutrition to your rice cakes like topping it with peanut or any favorable nut spread, slices of fruits like strawberry, chia seeds, etc. You can just the toppings according to your gluten-free preference or take the rice cakes as available in flavors.

There are so many flavors that you can choose in the wide array of rice cake palates like-

  • Classic plain unsalted rice cake.
  • Organic multigrain Brown rice cake.
  • Turmeric & Black Pepper rice cake.
  • Lentil & Flaxseed rice cakes.


Rice cakes work like a soldier in your diet wherein you consume only healthy and good stuff rather than air-fried and adulterated snacks. It does not make you lethargic, rather keeps you light on your stomach and energized for a longer period. There are so many health advantages associated with picking rice cake as your snacking choice like-

    Rice cakes are prosperous in carbohydrates, so their high-calorie computation provides fuel to you for long hours. Including five rice cakes is analogous to one miniature feast, so get on and grab that tidbit of the healthy rice cake.
    Rice cakes are beneficial when they are produced from brown rice. Whole brown rice has additional nutrients like protein, minerals, and vitamins than distilled white rice because they are expropriated away during the refining procedure. Brown rice comprises nutrients that are assumed to assist in blood glucose regulation.
    Rather than consuming store-bought wafers or biscuits, rice cakes are a much wholesome resort. They can be ready at home in a moment, and you can even modify them as per your flavors and priorities.
    Each rice cake on a par, encompasses merely about 35-40 calories and hence can be gobbled by people pursuing diets. It is a low-calorie eats and can be eaten up at any given time as an instantaneous snack in between feasts.
    Organic rice cakes are also vastly advantageous for the populace who have dietary constraints as they are gluten intolerant. These can be eaten up by individuals who are hypersensitive to gluten.

You need not gobble up from every store to check whether they provide good and gluten free snacks, just surf for a genuine store or a brand and shop for your gluten free organic rice cakes from there only.

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