Moringa Olifera better known as ‘Sehjan’ has gained popularity amongst the superfoods in the recent times and is considered one of the most nutrient dense plant. Popular names given to it are ‘Miracle Tree’, ‘The Tree Of Life’ and even ‘Mothers Milk’.
Although it holds importance in the Indian Subcontinent from the ancient era. It was commonly consumed in the form of tea and having the leaves and pods as regular food.

When in 326BC Alexander moved eastwards confident enough to conquer every inch that stepped on he had to face the fury. He could though cross the Indus river successfully but was halted at the junction itself by the Maurians.

Each Maurian warriors was fed the extracts of nutrient moringa leaves as a part of their daily diet. These warriors were addressed as the men of valour. Not only were they immensely strong they also had a balanced sync between their mind and body. Consuming moringa in the war front not only released their stress but also numbed their pains. According to the Roman records these men hardly fell sick and were the powerhouse of energy. They would continuously pounc on the Alexander’s army over 60 times within a period of 2 years.

At a very young age Alexander had captured a major part of the land, but had to turn his back from India as it could not defeat the moringa tea consumers

Alexander’s army was considered the greatest of all yet they had to kneel down in front of the Mauryan warriors.

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